Front Office Operation
Introduction to front office operation, guest cycle in the hotel, inter departmental cooperation, check in procedure, responsibilities during guest stay, complaint handling, mail handling, handling various methods of payment , check out formalities by housekeeping, formats used in front office hotel.

Basic Food Operation
food trend characteristics, importance of modern cookery, food trends around the world, types of food trends, molecular gastronomy, principles of cooking, sauces in mughlai, grilling, baking, different region specialties in oriental cuisine.

Quality Food Production
Introduction to quality food production, food safety, methods of food quality control, benefits of food analysis, packaging materials for quality of selected food product.

Principle of Hotel Management
The role of the accommodation manager, planning, the hotel industry, the scope of the industry, marketing standing, innovation, public responsibility, long of short term planning, Analyses of performance, productivity, manager performance and development.

Hotel Marketing
Introduction to marketing sales management, importance of marketing in hospitality, sales orientation, marketing orientation, the marketing research process, the purpose of market segmentation, marketing planning process, marketing management, marketing strategy.

Hotel Financial Management
Introduction to the loading chief financial executive, the hotel purchasing function, purchasing organisation, purchasing sources, data mining for hotel firms use and limitations, the effect of profit margin on budget usefulness, secrets of leadership, the effect of annual sales on long-range planning.

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